More than ten years of experience in the telecommunication industry with nine years spent in R&D telecom software development, my daily work is that of a DevOps/Software engineer, as I work in automation of network configuration, software testing and release. 

Excellent coding skills in Python, Java, JavaScript and Ruby, more than five years experience. I have developed web applications in both Django and Rails for automating network configuration and testing. Familiar with: HTML, XML, Perl, Shell scripting, C++, C#, Pascal and Visual Basic. Good knowledge of MySQL and PostgreSQL, use them daily. I use both Object Oriented and functional programming.

Work in integrating telecom applications in the Cloud. Deployed virtualized MSC and IMS using OpenStack and VMWare solutions. Privately I have become familiar with AWS solutions as I plan to move my web site to AWS Lambda.

Experienced IPv4 and IPv6 planning and network design, CCNA holder, CCNP ongoing (Routing exam passed). I have my own CCIE v5 hardware lab setup at home. Familiar with RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP.

Experienced in Mobile Core network design, dimensioning and AXE DT, excellent troubleshooting skill at network level and signaling level, expert in LTE, UMTS and GSM. Expert at implementing SIP and SIP-I in Core Network. Expert in SS7 signaling and have experience with all signaling standards: ETSI, ANSI, CWTS and TTC. Familiar with 3GPP and IETF concepts and standards.

-Version control:
I use both Git and Mercurial daily at work and private. Know Clear Case and Subversion as well.

Excellent UNIX/Linux administration skills as I run and maintain RedHat and Suse servers as part of my daily work. I have worked with Solaris and Linux for more than ten years. I have two Debian Linux servers for private purposes: web server & email server.

-Agile Methodologies:
More than five years of experience with Agile Software Development: Scrum, Kan-ban.